I’m a published freelance photographer. Photographing people, events, food, nature and expressing my creative nature through self-portraits as well.

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Published photos:

Photo “Hiding” in Forbes

Photo “Surprise in the fridge” in Belfast Telegraph

Photo “Apricot dessert” in Marie Claire Cuisine et Vins de France

Photo “Healthy snacks” in Latvijas Avize

Photo “Reflection” on Booking

Photo “Reflection” on Villas

Photo “Apricot dessert” in Provencia

Photo “Wheatgrass” on Heraldcorp

Photo “Honey spoon” on Livestrong

Photo “Apricot dessert” on DeltaWeb.be

Photo “Summer ecstasy” on Wanted.de

Photo “Kiwi” on Hurom

Photo “Ripe tomato” on Energize

Photo “Red apple” on Receitas sem Fronteiras

Photo “Vibrant petunias” on ThriftyFun

Photo “Too much sugar” as British Dental Association marketing material

Photo “Strawberry Heaven” as ad for hookah strawberry aroma on TabakTurkey

Photo “Lemon Yogurt” on theIndusparent (7th in article gallery)

Photo “Fishnet pantyhose” in Hello! magazin (second photo in article)

Photo “Wheatgrass” on Livestrong

Photo “Vegetable soup” on Mama’s Soup Kitchen

Photo “Lost in the music” on Omotano

Photo “Woman eating banana” on MIGnews

Photo “Vegetable soup” on Egeszsegtukor. hu

Photo “Lemon and water” on Vysetrenie. sk

Photo “Burek” on B92

Photo “Woman eating banana” on Sirabee

Photo “Lemon yogurt” on Islimming

Photo “Woman eating banana” in Catraca Livre

Photo “Vegetable soup” on XLsport.hu

Photo “Temptation” on Tetra Pak

and many more…

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