Out of the blue, from photography my career expanded to acting in films. My acting debut was in “Hello Au Revoir” (2017) UK, where I played Suzana, model and photographer from Serbia, some version of me from another realm. Then followed roles in “Ted Bundy Had a Son” (2018) USA, “Life’s Moments” (2017) UK, “Suzana’s Daydreaming” (2016) and “Land of Frozen Dreams” (2017). Short films “Suzana’s Daydreaming” (2016) and “Land of Frozen Dreams” (2017) present me not only as an actress but as a director, writer, cinematographer, editor and a producer as well. My latest film role is in “Ted Bundy Had a Son” (2018) where I’m also director and writer.

As I was since early age interested in music, recently joined some music video projects, as a star but also directing them. “Trancing Into Orbit” (2017) and “The Sand Between Your Hands: Instrumental Version” (2017) were first. What appeared to be a temporary music adventure, culminated into acting, directing and composing music for “Daydreaming of You” (2017).

I’m working on two short films this year, thriller “Blonde Predator” (2017) where I’m playing Luna, and drama “Thick Silkiness of Darkness” (2017) in which I’m playing Charna. On both films I’m also working as director, writer, cinematographer and editor.

You can find out more about my work on film on IMDb  

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