On Sunday, September 23, my new album “Remember Your Dreams” would be released. Like “Through Nikita’s Eyes,” this album is dedicated to a little girl called Nikita who lives in a parallel world to which we leave when meditating or consciously dreaming. This album marks 10 years since I returned to my hometown, 10 years since I met someone who inspired me to dream again and fight for my dreams, 10 years since I decided to change my life. That day was special to me because it was a milestone in my life and no matter how the journey I had over the past 10 years was difficult, it was worth it, because in my work there would be no such magic, if there was no love and dreams to lead me. That’s why this title, “Remember Your Dreams”.

Do not forget and refuse your dreams, because when you betray them, life becomes gray, uniform and sad. So dream, dream a lot, work on the realization of your dreams and carry love in your heart, wherever you go.