Learn how to model one perfect cup of coffee in Blender in this short and efficient course. After finishing this course, you will not only know how to model a 3D cup of coffee in Blender but also how to create material, adjust and change colors, how to move the camera around the scene, how to set the camera, and finally how to render an image of your model. Previous Blender experience is not needed for this class. I will explain how to use all the tools and tabs, as well as how to move around the scene in Blender. What you will need only, is to download Blender and install, to be able to keep up with lectures, by following and recreating steps you see in lectures, and further work on your project.

This course will help you learn some 3D design basics in Blender, which you can apply further for modeling different items from your daily life. The cup of coffee we create in this course can be further exported and used as a game asset in game engines, some other 3D design software, interior design projects, as an asset for creating a scene for computer-generated images, videos, animations, and similar 3D projects.

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