Learn how to Design Jack O’ Lantern in Blender. Perfect way to treat yourself for upcoming Halloween.

Learning 3D design in Blender is easy through specific projects and practice, and in this class, you will learn how to model and color Jack O’ Lantern in Blender. It is recommended that you already know the Blender interface, but even if you don’t, just by following instructions in video lessons, you will get to learn some basics start with the user interface, some keyboard shortcuts, first steps in modeling, palette texture painting, using sculpting tools to polish up your model, cutting holes, setting lights, and rendering image. This class is intended for both, those with some basic Blender knowledge, as well beginners who want to just dive into 3D modeling right away and speed up the learning process.

Jack O’ Lantern you learn to create in this class can be further exported for games or used for motion graphics and computer-generated images created within Blender.