Mystery, seduction, life on the edge. Internet is a hunting ground where predator searching for his prey. You never know who is on the other side. Meet Luna…

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Straring Suzana Trifkovic
Written by Suzana Trifkovic
Director of photography Suzana Trifkovic
Music composed and produced by Suzana Trifkovic
Directed and edited by Suzana Trifkovic

Blonde Predator is short film, thriller, telling a story about Luna, woman which hunts on social networks, searching for those who would fall on her charm. This film reminding us of hidden dangers of internet dating, where nothing is as it seems, where everyone is trying to show self in best light, and sometimes kitten we see could turn to be a lion. This short films spreads a message that internet is a hunting ground where many predators searching for their prey and we never know who is on the other side, therefore being careful and wise is necessary.

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