“Blonde Predator” – short film, thriller.
Mystery, seduction, life on the edge. Internet is a hunting ground where predator searching his prey.


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This campaign is for funding my new short film, thriller “Blonde Predator”. It is written and directed by me. As you surely know, making films requires a lot of investment, from make up, clothes, studio, travel, gear, crew, music and a variety of editing tools to put all things together and get final product. That’s where you can help me out, funding this project and helping create something that will be remembered and watched even by future generations. You will find there interesting perks and that is a way for you to be remembered as well, with your name in film credits. I’ll make sure that everyone is informed about premiere and able to watch film when it’s released. 

Helping me to make this film isn’t only funding, you can share this campaign on your Facebook, Twitter and that way help this project. The more people knows about this, the better.

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