Suzana is published freelance model, photographer, actress, writer, composer, film and video director from Serbia.

Having an insight of a photographer she decided to launch herself in front of camera doing self-portraits and other artistic shoots. In her performance and presentation she is hence able to give a 360 deg view of an artist within herself. Suzana has mystical, sparkly, narrative eyes which also capture details quick enough. Endowed in abundance with nature’s generosity which appears on her radiant face and eyes and extremely balanced body, she is a delight for photographers.  

She is looking forward to grow her International career and explore a wider horizon. Her exquisite beauty makes her perfectly eligible for commercial, glamour, lingerie, body parts, lifestyle, boudoir, print.

Suzana expanded her artistic expression to film, and you can see her in Hello Au Revoir UK feature film which would be released 2017, Ted Bundy Had a Son (2018) USA, Life’s Moments (2017) UK, Suzana’s Daydreaming (2016) and Land of Frozen Dreams (2017).  Short films Suzana’s Daydreaming (2016) and Land of Frozen Dreams (2017) present Suzana not only as an actress but as a director, writer, cinematographer, editor and a producer as well. Her latest film role is in Ted Bundy Had a Son (2018) where she is also director and writer. Suzana was since here you can buy Provigil early age interested in music, and that was one of the reasons why she joined music video projects, as a star but also directing Trancing Into Orbit (2017) and The Sand Between Your Hands: Instrumental Version (2017). What appeared to be a temporary music adventure, culminated into acting, directing and composing music for Daydreaming of You (2017). Suzana finished two short films this year, thriller Blonde Predator (2017) where she is playing Luna, and drama Thick Silkiness of Darkness (2017) in which she is playing Charna. Suzana was working on both films as director, writer, cinematographer and editor.

Suzana is composing electronic dance music, techno-dance, techno-industrial, deep house, electro house spiced with sound of 90’s, ambient music, music for relaxing and meditation with Sanskrit mantras which can be found here